Trek to Devkund Waterfall this monsoon!

If you are an admirer of waterfalls and even the tiny ones emerging from the rocks admire you then yes, devkund waterfull is a must on your bucket list this monsoon.

Now don’t get to think that the fall here is a small one, it is just not. It has got the ability to give you a spectacular view, a thrilling path with several tributaries on your way and chills until you reach home.

Yeah and keeping in mind that you’ve just started reading. Show some passion to know more about it and continue reading.

First of all, let us establish that the journey is going to be worth it. Your time, money and the effort to drag your friends into it, it will pay off well.

Is there a trek to devkund?

Yes, there is and it is a terrific one. In fact, you will hardly find any other trek to a waterfall with pit stops occurring from tributaries that can make you sit and enjoy at the spot for hours. But for a journey that is so exciting, the destination is a splendid one. So pack your bags with quick snacks like bars, 2 litres of water per person and lots of energy to walk for a minimum of one and a half hours that too one way.

When is the best time to visit the trek?

As long as the water is pouring, it is the best time to pay devkund waterfalls a visit. The white water flowing from a height of 40 feet at least just captures the breadth for a moment. There are always lifeguards present at the shores of the fall and the two ends have been joined with a rope. It is available for visitors to cross the fall and feel the chills of the water.

However, when the rains are heavy, so is the flow of the fall. Considering the risk associated, the state management does not allow the seekers of the fall to visit it at the peak of monsoons. Otherwise, you are good to go.

How to reach devkund waterfall in the minimum budget?

The well-known base point of this waterfall is Bhira village and this is connected to nearest cities such as Pune by bus and road only.

The nearest landmark which can be well spotted is Tata Hydro Power plant near Bhira dam. Now if you are planning to come by train then the nearest railway station would be Kolad. It is at 46 kilometres from Bhira and this distance can be covered by shared autos in the area. They’ll drop you to base point of the trek.

There are state public buses also which can drop you to Pali and from there the shared autos can help you to reach the base of devkund waterfall trek.

However, all of them are going to cost INR 1000. That is why it is best advised to visit devkund with your own vehicle or with a hired one. The one-day cost for hired vehicle varies from INR 300-500 and you travel directly from your place to the destination without any alteration in the mode of transport.

You might also get to pay nominal road taxes in the area once or twice. I remember paying INR 50 per person, so that makes my travel cost INR 550 and it is still almost half of what railways and roadways transport offers.

Notes for Devkund waterfall

The journey up and down the trek is going to be tiring so have a heavy breakfast as there are no stalls when you reach the kund.

It is advised to wear quick-dry material clothes if you are visiting in the monsoons. That is so because the trek is through the dense forest and it can rain any moment without notice.

Also, it is going to be slippery in the rainy season and filled with grown grass in the others, so make sure you wear shoes that are comfortable to wear for 8 hours on an average. None of the fancy branded footwear is going to help you reach quickly and they might get wear down too.

Pack some chewing gums and chocolates to curb your hunger on the way and maintain the energy levels.

Carrying a raincoat on the way is totally your own choice but do not carry umbrellas, they will not be useful while traversing in the forest.

Now that you have the list of items to carry and how to reach devkund waterfalls, gather your gang and visit it the coming weekend.

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