The mesmerizing northern beauty: Deoria tal

When the will to explore becomes the sole motivation to head out and feel the wanderlust, it is indeed the best feeling in the world. And I can back this up with my first and solo trip to the deoria tal in Uttrakhand.

Yes, I was thrilled and of course, anxious as well but the trip to Deoria tal was one of the best things ever happened to me.

The call

It started back in 2016 when I enjoyed walking for hours in the green belts around my college. There were peace and beautiful shades of nature which always made me wonder if for once I could visit a place that held the enormous beauty of nature for me to see.

And finally, the day came. In a group discussion on what could be the best and closest places to visit in northern India, I and my friends settled on one name- Deoria tal. It made me so excited that I gathered every piece of information to make my trip memorable all alone.

But the future had different plans for me. Because as the count of the D-day was shrinking so was the count of people on board for the trip. I will admit that I felt discouraged at that moment that all my planning was going to be worth nothing and I won’t get to experience the beauty of the Himalayas sitting beside the lake.

I’m on my way

And that’s when it hit me. That when I have all the information I need, from route to food and places to stay why can’t I head my way?

Well, that might sound like a childish rhyme to you but I am telling you that was the most amazing decision I had made. Yes, that’s right, the plan was on and I was the only one on board in the month of February 2017. I hopped onto a bus that took me to Rishikesh and when I was walking on the banks of Ganga, I was excited more than ever to reach my next destination – Praygraj.

When you visit Praygraj

And the view was breathtaking. The most fantasizing part was watching the two rivers with different water flows and colours merging to form the holy Ganga. I wish I could have stayed there a little longer but it was beginning to drizzle and my bus was about to leave. I managed to keep up my energy and warmth with food and ginger tea from local shops after all cost factor was continuous in the back of my head.

The next pit stop for my divine destination was Sari, the base village for Deoria tal. Till now I had managed to spend INR 1000 and had another 1500 in my pocket. I remember that moment so clearly, being proud of myself that I have made it so far sound and happy.

So, I reached Sari at 7 in the evening and contacted my sole contact in the entire Uttrakhand, Mr Negi. I got to know about him while I was searching for a contact in the village and believe it or not, social media became the bridge to get me in touch with him.

In lieu of the low budget, I told him I needed a place to stay and with all due respect, he offered me a night’s stay as his place. It was strange back then but the events being in my favour so far, I made another crazy decision. And I found peace of mind and got to taste the homemade pahadi cuisine.

Your destination is on the left

Not to forget, it was chilling at 2000 meters from the sea level and I was tired from the long journey and the baggage I had to carry along. And the morning finally came. I and Mr Negi left his house on a non-stop journey of two and a half hours until we reached my awaited Deoria tal.

There are not enough words to express it but having a look by the side of a lake and the foothills of the Himalayas was way beautiful than I had ever imagined. And I can never forget the picture of sunshine falling on the peaks of those mountains like a diamond in the sky.

I sat there for 2 hours or so and enjoyed what I came for. But the time to say goodbye to the foothills was close. So, I headed back to the bus stop on my way back to my city and my college with only INR 800 in my pocket now.

The shock wave hit me again when I had to make a payment to Mr Negi as I was surely thankful to him with no idea how was I supposed to reach my place with almost no money left. I looked for every possible ATM and source of income but nothing came through but a driver to the rescue.

The sardarji who let me take a ride by his side who was on his way to Delhi, my city. It took us almost 20 hours but I reached. 

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