The Visapur Fort trek

Do you love the view from heights? When the roads, the trees, the skyscrapers and everything seems tiny but yet beautiful, then one such view is waiting for you at the Visapur fort.

It is one of the well-known and beautiful destinations of the Sayhadri hills when you are living the city life in Pune, Mumbai and nearby. It is close by and a perfect option out of the many to give you the weekend getaway and monotonous city break you have been seeking so long.

Every year, hundreds of people from the nearby cities and all across the states of the nation come and visit this fort. So let’s find out what’s so special that attracts people here every season of the year. Though, the view and visit in the monsoon is unbeatable.

Why choose Visapur fort?

If the reasons present above increase your curiosity about the fort, then here’s why it is among the best one day treks of the Sayhadri. This hill fort is situated at the height of 3500 ft from the sea level and that is the view from the hill top is going to be majestic.

It is a one-day trek and an easy one two. Not only you are completely off the busy schedule, you spend quality time with friends in the lap of the nature.

As you move up from the base point of the trek, the one and half hour trek is going to offer fantastic views and present example of ancient architecture to you. There are caves, temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman and walls of the stone house standing for over 100 years still impenetrable.

This piece of strength was also the Peshwa’s palace during the active years of Maratha Empire.

When to visit Visapur fort?

Visapur is one beauty of Malveli near Lonavala that can be witnessed anytime of the year. Yet, the monsoons are the best as there is a surety of lush greenery all around you, no matter which direction you choose and then the waterfalls make you speechless. Imagine a waterfall from the bottom of the fort. So plan your visit at the earliest and maybe your view is better that what is captured here.

Though, there are other aspects of nature at Visapur fort that are worth a visit even if you are planning a go apart from the rainy season. Well of course, the height of the fort is still the same and you get a bird’s eye view from the hill top.

You can easily spot the sister hill of Visapur which is Lohagad fort and the lake besides at fort is indeed beautiful from more than three thousand feet.

Oh and the waterfall staircase is one of a kind in the entire range of Sayhadri hills.

How to reach Visapur fort?

The one of the most visited destination near Lonavala is well connected by means of railways (locals actually) and by roadways too.

The nearest railway station is Malavali. There are trains directly running from Lonavala to Malavali and takes not more than 15 minutes of your time. After that, you can take a shared auto or opt to walk for another 5 kilometers which will be additional to the distance of the trek. And for Lonavala, there are trains frequently from major cities like Mumbai and Pune.

However, if you are willing to witness the beautiful works of the nature then reaching the base point of Visapur trek should be by road and with your best gang.  You can hire travelers if you have enough count to fill all the seats, the general charge is INR 3000 for a day for 16 seaters. Otherwise, hire two wheelers at a cost of INR 350 from the city for a period of 24 hours.

Notes for Visapur fort

This place is a must for admirers of nature, but plan your day accordingly. It is better to start your day around 8 in the morning from Pune. The trek is going to take 2 hours at max once you reach the base point.

The route is tricky and slippery so stick together and wear shoes which make a good grip. The fancy footwear can rest one more day.

You can carry rain coats if you are going on a two wheeler and tagging them along the trek is up to you.

There are one or two vendors at the top which can help you with corn and Maggie if you wish. After that, make sure you take one complete round of the fort wall and don’t miss out on the mini ponds.

Start descending latest by 3 and and get done with it by 5 in the evening. After that head back towards your homes, preferably in the day light.

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